Monday, November 11, 2013

Building Castles in the Air...

Wouldn't you love a green house? Like, a Green House?

Personally, I dream of a home running totally on solar power (or something like that!), loads of plants and loads of windows (all ├╝ber insulated)! But a lot of this Green stuff is expensive. Like, really, reeeally expensive. And many people are debating whether "Greening" your home actually pays off all it costs you, too!

But, times are changing! It is getting easier to find green versions of your favourite things without sacrificing all that made them your faves in the first place. And it is getting cheaper as well.

So, as a future designer, I think it's important to keep abreast of sustainable developments. After all, they are going to become the ways of the future! You have gotta:

Okay, sorry about the crazy GIF... it's that it's just one of my favourite movies AND favourite quotes!

Anyways, (I realize how scatterbrained this post is, believe me!) we had an in-class activity today where each person was to compile a summary of a certain sustainable interior design product. Well, I picked paint because, hey! We all use paint all the time, it's supposedly the cheapest and simplest way to freshen up a room (though, this clearly overlooks the sheer mental anguish that can come with painting a house by one's own hand! Exhausting stuff).

So, I've heard of stuff like "low VOC paint" and "think about the baby!" (this, of course, being said to already anxious expectant parents that are creating a nursery for their precious little one) being related to paint but I must admit, it all sounded kind of technical and boring, so I totally ignored it.

But, being an interior design student and all that, you can't avoid things like paint's what I learned in class today:

This post was to be about sustainable choices in finishing up your home

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