Monday, September 16, 2013

Shocking Revelations and Confusing Monstrosities

Hi there! 

And so begins a blog solely dedicated to a little class known as Sustainable Practices. Well, welcome and stay if you dare. You might find that you care...(eek, sorry! I couldn't stop myself).

Alright, so being part of the twentieth century means being surrounded by talk of, well, "the climate", "the environment", "the poor Mother Earth", "rising sea levels", "melting glaciers", "species on the brink of extinction", etc...

In no way would I ever dismiss these very REAL concerns but...well, it can be hard knowing what to believe. And even harder to figure out what it all means for YOU.
Pretty sure that's not happening up north...

I remember being INTRODUCED to climate change and global warming and...all of that! I was in grade four and it was my first real Big Girl Project (you know, one with real Research and stuff). I did a report on endangered Giant Pandas and it was my first time realizing that animals can actually RUN OUT!

And then came middle school where, suddenly, we (the kids of today) were shocked to tears when our teachers drilled into us:

-All the animals, bugs, grass and clouds are going to DIE.
-The earth is going to burst into flames.
-We are all going to die. Horribly.
-And it is AAALLL our fault.

Hm, I guess I went into hippie mode and for a few years I was all Greenpeace this, PETA that, recycle everything, and oh, hey, did you watch that Al Gore documentary?

Ah, Al Gore...
Well, thank you Al! You turned me from a fan girl to a...lost... lost soul. Suddenly, it seemed saying the word "global w#@ming" was silly and paranoid. Everyone seemed to be shrugging it off as a hoax.

Ever since then, the global warming scene sorta cooled down for us all (by all, I mean my peers and the people that surround me) and people seemed to become a bit skeptical of what they really believed. That's when it all got so confusing for me that I actually stopped caring and trying to keep up with it all. 

Me.  My image as a treehugger quickly morphed into one of indifference.

Meh. All that aside, what I am trying to say (and I expect many can relate to this) is that I want a better world. I want to know what is going on and if something is wrong. I want to do something.

But what I want most of all? I want to know what is for real and what isn't. Who do I believe? Why? 

It is so hard to get the information I want! And it is even harder--impossibly so--to get it all...STRAIGHT!

There is so much mumbo jumbo, it seems, that it is hard to sift through all of that and get cold, hard facts.

Ugh. I don't know when, or even if, that confusing mess is ever going to change, but here I am trying to make sense of it all. And exploring how it connects to interior design. And how to do it all Fuchsia style!

Happy recycling,


P.S. I never stopped recycling. Never!

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